Report 2011-504 Recommendation 19 Responses

Report 2011-504: High-Speed Rail Authority Follow-Up: Although the Authority Addressed Some of Our Prior Concerns, Its Funding Situation Has Become Increasingly Risky and the Authority's Weak Oversight Persists (Release Date: January 2012)

Recommendation #19 To: High-Speed Rail Authority, California

To be aware of and respond effectively to circumstances that could significantly delay or halt the program, the Authority needs to be involved in the development and implementation of the Program Manager's risk-management plan and ensure that Authority staff have roles and responsibilities defined in the plan, such as identifying and mitigating risks in the risk register.

6-Month Agency Response

The Authority stated that the new risk management program includes four general types of risk management workshops and meetings that involve Authority staff. The first type of risk management meeting serves to regularly update the risk register, identify new risks, perform qualitative risk analysis, and coordinate and track risk responses—this includes a review of all program and project risks. In addition, the Authority stated that its risk manager is assessing the current risk meeting process and will be making recommendations for enhancements that will be implemented under the Authority's updated risk management plan. (See 2013-406, p. 247)

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: Fully Implemented

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