Report 2011-504 Recommendation 12 Responses

Report 2011-504: High-Speed Rail Authority Follow-Up: Although the Authority Addressed Some of Our Prior Concerns, Its Funding Situation Has Become Increasingly Risky and the Authority's Weak Oversight Persists (Release Date: January 2012)

Recommendation #12 To: High-Speed Rail Authority, California

To comply with the political reform act, the Authority should establish written policies and procedures for tracking whether all designated employees and consultants have completed and filed their statements of economic interests on time, thereby identifying any potential conflicts of interest.

6-Month Agency Response

The Authority has written policies and procedures in place to collect, follow up, and retain statements of economic interest. Those policies and procedures include sections on annual statements, assuming office statements, leaving office statements, and retention. The procedures were approved by the chief executive officer on July 17, 2012. (See 2013-406, p. 245)

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: Fully Implemented

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