Report I2020-0151 Recommendations

After the State Auditor's Office completes an investigation and issues a copy of its investigative report to the state department involved, the department is required by the Whistleblower Protection Act to provide the State Auditor with information about the actions it has taken in response to the report. Within 60 days of receiving the report, the department must report to the State Auditor any disciplinary action it has taken or intends to take against any employee who was a subject of the investigation. Also within 60 days, the department must report to the State Auditor any actions it has taken or intends to take to implement the recommendations made in the report to prevent the continuation or recurrence of the improper activities described in the report. When the department has not completed all of its intended actions within 60 days, the department must report on its actions monthly thereafter until all of its intended actions have been taken. Below is a listing of each recommendation the State Auditor made in the report referenced, as well as a link to a summary of what the department has reported to the State Auditor about its actions in response to the report. Information about the departmentís responsive actions and the State Auditorís assessment of those actions will be updated on this site quarterly.

Recommendations in Report I2020-0151: Department of General Services: Custodial Staff Ran an Illegal Payroll Scheme, Defrauding the State of an Estimated $185,000 (Release Date: July 2022)

Recommendations for Case I2020-0151
Department: General Services, Department of
Number Recommendation Status

DGS should report the supervisor's and custodian's conduct to appropriate law enforcement officials within 30 days.

Fully Implemented

Within 60 days, DGS should either make a request to the State Personnel Board to take disciplinary action against the supervisor or attempt to work with the supervisor's current state employer to take disciplinary action.

Fully Implemented

DGS should consider placing a notice of this investigation in the official personnel files of the custodian and building manager within 60 days because these employees are no longer employed by the State but could seek to return in the future.

Fully Implemented

DGS should consult with the California Public Employees' Retirement System regarding the implications of our investigation's findings for the health benefits the custodian received during the four-year period of our review and for both the custodian's and the supervisor's retirement benefits.

Fully Implemented

Within 90 days, DGS should take corrective or disciplinary actions against the office technician for her time abuse.


DGS should determine whether any overpayments should be recouped from the supervisor and office technician for their time abuse. If warranted, DGS should attempt to recover overpayments made or adjust their leave balances within 60 days to account for their missed work time.


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