Report 2021-805 Recommendations

Under the State Auditor's local high-risk program, a local agency that is designated as high risk as a result of an audit is required to submit a corrective action plan. It must then provide written updates every six months after the audit report is issued regarding its progress in implementing its corrective action plan. Accordingly, the local agency's efforts to address the recommendations in the report will be reflected in this plan and its subsequent updates.

The recommendations directed to the Legislature are presented below, along with a link to the most recent status on the implementation of each recommendation.

Recommendations in Report 2021-805: City of Calexico: Past Overspending and Ongoing Administrative Deficiencies Limit Its Ability to Serve the Public (Release Date: October 2022)

Recommendations to Legislature
Number Recommendation Status

To reduce barriers to civic engagement, the Legislature should consider encouraging or requiring all municipal governments to make key portions of public budgetary documents, such as proposed and adopted budgets, available in a sufficient number of languages to ensure that at least 75 percent of their residents can obtain the documents in their primary languages.

No Action Taken

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