Auditor General Reports Issued in 1989

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 5 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: First Quarterly Monitoring Report
January 25 The California Public Utilities Commission Can Improve Its Regulation of Limousine Operators
February 1 An Audit of the California Department of Corrections' Program Management Contractor
February 2 A Follow-Up Review of the Placement of Delinquent Minors in the VisionQuest Program
February 14 State of California Financial Report Year Ended June 30, 1988
February 22 A Review of the Employment Development Department's Acquisition of New Automated Systems and Its Management of Its Programs and Field Offices
March 2 A Review of the State's Progress in Improving Controls Over Its Financial Operations
April 5 A Review of the Workers' Compensation System
April 6 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Second Quarterly Monitoring Report
April 12 An Audit of the California Department of Corrections' Construction of the San Diego Prison
April 17 The California Exposition and State Fair Is Fiscally Independent But Can Still Improve Its Financial Condition and Management Controls
April 26 A Review of the California Air National Guard's 144th Fighter Interceptor Wing
May 8 Letter Report on Review of the State Department of Education's Implementation and Management of Programs Mandated by Chapter 1431, Statutes of 1985
May 10 The Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges Has Developed Procedures That Result in a Circumvention of Many State Fiscal Controls
May 17 The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Complied with Its Procedures and Requirements in Awarding Its Contract for Express Bus Services
July 6 The Departments We Reviewed within the Health and Welfare Agency Are Not Complying with the Direct Service Contract Reforms
July 7 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Third Quarterly Monitoring Report
August 9 The Department of Motor Vehicles Can Improve Its Administration of the International Registration Plan
August 14 A Review of the Riverside County Department of Mental Health's Contracts with the Harvest of Wellness Foundation
August 21 An Estimate of Oakland Unified School District's Current and Future Financial Condition
August 28 A Review of the Operations and Funding of the California Relay Service
August 31 California's Hazardous Waste Management Program Continues to Improve But Needs to More Fully Enforce State Laws and Regulations
September 5 A Review of the Independent Audits Performed on the San Diego Unified Port District
September 7 State of California Statement of Securities Accountability of the State Treasurer's Office June 30, 1988
September 14 A Review of Public Bus Operations in California
September 14 A Review of Public Bus Operations in California
October 4 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Fourth Quarterly Monitoring Report
November 27 A Review of the State Department of Education's Authorization of Private Postsecondary Educational Institutions
December 6 The Laboratory Field Services within the Department of Health Services Is Not Meeting All of Its Responsibilities to Regulate Clinical and Physicians' Laboratories
December 18 A Review of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
December 20 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District: Fifth Quarterly Monitoring Report