Auditor General Reports Issued in 1983

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 10 University of California Property Management
January 24 Letter Report on Review of the Department of General Services' Standardized Forms for the Pre- and Post-Evaluation of Consulting Services Contracts
January 31 Letter Report on Review of the Adequacy of the Foster Care Operations Provided by the California Department of the Youth Authority
February 7 Status of the Medi-Cal Procurement Project and Review of Its Draft Request for Proposal
February 8 State of California: Financial And Compliance Report Year Ended June 30, 1982
February 10 State of California: Statement of Security Accountability of the State Treasurer, June 30, 1982
February 28 Letter Report on Review of the Department of Housing and Community Development's Administration of the Petition Process Authorized by Chapter 40, Statutes of 1982
March 14 Letter Report on Examination of the Department of Social Services' Compliance with the Competitive Process for Contracting with Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Agencies
March 15 The State Department of Social Services Can Reduce AFDC Costs by Ensuring That County Child Support Programs Operate More Effectively
March 16 Agricultural Labor Relations Board: Expenditure of Funds in the Growers Exchange Case and Related Cases
March 28 Letter Report on Review of Selected Provisions of Collective Bargaining Agreements at Ten California School Districts
March 30 The State's System for Planning, Programming, and Developing Highway Construction Projects is Not Effective
April 11 Letter Report on Review of Accounting Records at Economic and Social Opportunities, Inc.
April 11 The State Department of Social Services' Adoption Program Needs Improvement
April 12 Revised Feasibility Study Report for a Statewide Public Assistance Network
April 12 The California Museum of Science and Industry: A Limited Review
April 26 Establishing Electronic Funds Transfer for Payroll and Retirement Payments: Feasibility, Cost, and Savings
May 3 Letter Report on Review of the National Council on Gene Resources
May 5 Letter Report on Review of the Department of Health Services' Program to Recover Medi-Cal Payments Made to Beneficiaries for Work-Related Injuries
May 5 Letter Report on Review of the Publication of a Document Issued by the Resources Agency
May 12 Financial Audit Report: California Student Aid Commission: State Guaranteed Student Loan Program Year Ended June 30, 1982
May 17 The California Public Broadcasting Commission Needs to Clarify Policies and Correct Administrative Deficiencies
May 23 Letter Report on Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Various Approaches Used by California's 58 Counties to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Welfare Programs
May 23 Letter Report on Backlogs in Welfare Fraud Cases
May 25 Letter Report on Review of the Fair Political Practices Commission's Activities in Carrying Out the Provisions of the Political Reform Act of 1974
June 10 The Employment Development Department Could Improve the Performance of Its Job Service and Unemployment Insurance Programs
June 16 The California Public Utilities Commission Needs to Improve Its Rate Review Systems
June 21 Letter Report on Review of the Activities of The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Connection with the Peripheral Canal
July 11 Letter Report on Review of the California Public Utilities Commission's Administration of Utility Management Audits That Are Conducted for the Commission by Outside Consulting Firms
July 20 Letter Report on Status of Department of Mental Health Services' Implementation of the Medi-Cal Co-Payment Demonstration Project
August 1 State of California: Statement of Federal Land Payments October 1, 1981 through September 30, 1982
August 9 Briefing Document on the State Department of Transportation's Equipment Management System
August 15 Weaknesses in Internal Controls of State Agencies
August 30 The Office of Economic Opportunity Could Improve Its Administration of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Block Grant
August 31 Annual Summary of Reports for 1982-83
September 2 A Review of the Department of Health Services' Request for Proposal for the Medi-Cal Dental Program
September 22 The Department of General Services Can Reduce Radio Communication Costs to State Agencies
September 28 The Selection of the New Medi-Cal Fiscal Intermediary
October 6 A Review of the State Teachers' Retirement System's Payment of Death Benefit Claims
October 17 Review of Selected Contracts For Cleanup of the Stringfellow Toxic Waste Disposal Site
November 14 The Department of Veterans Affairs Has Not Adequately Monitored the Growth of the Reserve Fund Balance
November 16 California Has More Physicians Than It Needs
November 23 Review of Area Agency on Aging Expenditures for Services for the Elderly for Fiscal Year 1982-83
November 30 The State's Hazardous Waste Management Program: Some Improvement, But More Needs to Be Done
December 16 Attorney Fees Paid or Collected by State and Local Agencies 1980-1982
December 19 California Could Earn Millions of Dollars from Better Management of Its Excess Land
December 20 Review of the Bureau of Employment Agencies
December 29 The Supplemental Disability Payments Program Saves Money but Few County Employees are Participating
December 30 Counties Spend Additional Time Preparing for Juvenile Court Hearings and Do Not Provide All Child Welfare Services Required by State Law