Auditor General Reports Issued in 1981

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 5 Financial Audit Report: Student Aid Commission Guaranteed Student Loan Program Year Ended June 30, 1980
January 8 Review of Computer Sciences Corporation's Compliance with Medi-Cal Processing Time Standards
January 15 Letter Report on Study of Operations of the California Information Coordinating Committee and Its Implementation of the California Occupational Information System
February 2 New Statutes, Policies, and Procedures Could Increase Medi-Cal Recoveries by at Least $4.3 Million Annually
February 16 1980 Annual Report
February 25 Measuring the Effectiveness of Tax Auditing
March 29 Letter Report on Review of Controls Over the Use of Word Processing Equipment in the Governor's Office
March 30 Improved Administration and Attendance Accounting Needed in Independent Study Programs
April 2 Improvements Needed in the Administration of State Contracts for Consultant Services
April 22 Improvements Warranted in the California Department of Aging's Administration of Programs for the Elderly
April 23 California State University and Colleges: Tuition Rate and Admission Practices for Nonresident Students Need Reassessment
May 11 Contract Management Practices of the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
May 11 The Department of Education Overestimated the State School Fund Shortfall
May 15 Statement of Federal Land Payments: October 1, 1979 through September 30, 1980
May 15 Weaknesses in Accounting and Administrative Controls of State Departments
June 15 The State Department of Development Services' Administration of the Program for the Developmentally Disabled Needs Improvement
July 20 Letter Report on Review of California Department of Aging's Response to Report P-014.2
July 20 Letter Report on Review of Circumstances Surrounding the Purchasing and Serving of T-Bone Steaks to Inmates and Guests at the California Institution for Men on Mother's Day
July 20 Letter Report on a Review of the State's Effectiveness in Auditing the Federally Administered Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Program
August 24 Overview of the Organization, Roles, and Responsibilities of the State Department of Education
August 31 The CSC Has Authorized at Least $12.6 Million in Recoverable Medi-Cal Overpayments that an Improved Quality Assurance Program May Have Detected
September 3 Letter Report on Unused Available Funds at Local Aging Service Providers
September 10 Letter Report on Review of Costs of Bill Room Services Charged to the Legislature by the Office of State Printing
September 25 A Review of the State Department of Education's System for Managing Consultant Contracts
September 25 Wide Variations in School District Costs for Administering the State Mandated Immunization Program
September 28 Department of Social Services: The Needs of Children in the Foster Care and Adoption Programs Are Not Being Met
September 30 Procurement of Sterile Medflies From Peru: Response to Questions Posed by the Legislature
October 21 California's Hazardous Waste Management Program Does Not Fully Protect the Public from the Harmful Effects of Hazardous Waste
October 21 Improvements Needed in the Department of Social Services' Administration of Personal Services Contracts
November 19 A Review of the California Department of Forestry's Aerial Firefighting Program
December 11 Letter Report on Examination of Feasibility and Advisability of Consolidating the Staff Committed to Resolving Federally Identified Deficiencies in the Medi-Cal Component of the Short-Dayle Program
December 18 School Districts Need to Improve Their Administration of Consultant Contracts
December 29 Financial Audit Report: State of California General Fund Year Ended June 30, 1981
December 29 The Department of Health Services' Newborn Screening Program: Response to Questions Posed by the Legislature
December 30 A Discussion of the Department of Rehabilitation's Decision to Suspend Services to the Disabled During Fiscal Year 1980-1981
December 30 A Review of the Department of Transportation's Administration of Excess Land
December 30 A Review of the Operations of the California State University and Colleges' Foundations