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California State Auditor Report Number : I2015-1

Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees
Violations of State Law Including Failure to Seek Competitive Bids, Increase Rental Rates, Properly Dispose of Surplus Property, and Adequately Supervise
July 2014 Through June 2015


California Correctional Health Care Services I2013-0440 Failure to seek competitive bids, waste of state funds, and improper advance payments Chapter 1
  I2014-1011 Improper payments Chapter 3
Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Department of I2014-1011 Improper payments Chapter 3
Employment Development Department I2012-2137 Misuse of state resources Chapter 7
  I2013-0082 Misuse of state resources Chapter 7
Forestry and Fire Protection, California Department of I2013-1902 Misuse of state time Chapter 7
Industrial Relations, Department of I2012-1250 Misuse of state resources Chapter 7
Transportation, California Department of I2012-1655 Neglect of supervisory duties, failure to monitor attendance, approval of inaccurate time sheets Chapter 5
  I2014-1440 Failure to increase rental rates, loss of state revenue Chapter 2
Veterans Affairs, California Department of I2015-0384 Waste of state funds Chapter 6
Water Resources, California Department of I2014-1398 Failure to properly dispose of surplus state property, gift of public funds Chapter 4

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