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Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act

Weak Oversight Has Hindered Its Meaningful Implementation

Report Number: 2019-116

Supplemental Data About Counties' JJCPA Financial Information

Community Corrections collects and posts to its website financial information that counties submit about the JJCPA-funded programs and services they operate. However, as we describe in Chapter 2, Community Corrections does not summarize or aggregate this information. In addition, Community Corrections does not conduct a meaningful review of the information that counties self-report, so some information may not be correct. Nevertheless, we created the interactive map and graphics to enable users to see a summary of programs operated by a specific county or select a specific program type to view which counties operated the program.

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Source: Analysis of Community Corrections' JJCPA data and county year-end reports.

Note: Community Corrections did not require counties to indicate the expenditure category for JJCPA-funded programs in fiscal years 2013–14 through 2015–16. As a result, we used category designations from more recent fiscal years for those programs, to the extent possible. In addition, counties were no longer required to submit program budget information beginning with fiscal year 2016–17. Moreover, Community Corrections' website lacked the fiscal year 2017–18 year-end reports for the counties of Glenn, Inyo, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Tehama, and Yolo. Finally, Alpine and Sierra counties did not submit JJCPA program expenditures during most of the fiscal years.

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