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Hate Crimes in California
Law Enforcement Has Not Adequately Identified, Reported, or Responded to Hate Crimes

Report Number: 2017-131


We surveyed 245 law enforcement entities and received 174 verified responses. In Table A, we present aggregated responses to selected questions. The complete survey results are posted on our website, as well as hate crime policies and procedures if provided by the law enforcement agencies.

Nearly all responding agencies indicated that they have hate crime policies and that they track hate crime data in their jurisdictions. Most law enforcement entities responded that they had never requested or received DOJ assistance in investigating hate crimes or conducting outreach. However, nearly all agencies we surveyed expressed interest in working with DOJ to obtain outreach materials and notices for dealing with hate crimes.

Table A
Law Enforcement Agencies’ Responses to Selected Questions From Our Survey

Questions About Surveyed Agencies              Responses
Questions About Surveyed Agency
Does your agency have a hate crime policy? 95.40% Yes
4.6 No
Does your agency collect hate crime data and track hate crimes in your jurisdiction? 100.00% Yes
0 No
Has your agency ever performed any data analysis on hate crimes within its jurisdiction to identify trends or conduct outreach? 34.50% Yes
65.5 No
If your agency has not performed data analysis on hate crimes, why not? 90.30% This agency has not had enough hate crimes to perform data analysis
8.8 This agency has never had a reported hate crime within its jurisdiction
0.9 Other 
Has your agency offered hate crime training to your sworn officers at any time from 2014 through 2016? 51.10% Yes
48.9 No
What methods does your agency use to inform members of the public of their rights as they relate to hate crimes and of other general information on hate crimes? (Multiple choice) 3.4% Posters
11.5 Supplied to community partners such as schools, places of worship, local community groups or advocates for dissemination
12.6 Other
26.4 Online
28.7 Information on agency website
31.6 No method used
39.1 Supplied to sworn officers to give to reporting parties
48.3 Supplied at police/public safety stations
52.9 Pamphlets
Questions About DOJ
Has your agency ever reached out to the DOJ for support in identifying or investigating a hate crime? 8.00% Yes
92.00% No
Has DOJ ever provided assistance to your agency during the investigation of a hate crime or hate incident? 5.20% Yes
94.80% No
Is your agency aware of DOJ's Hate Crime Rapid Response Team? 52.90% Yes
47.10% No
Has your agency ever solicited assistance from the Hate Crime Rapid Response Team? 0.00% Yes
100.00% No
Does your agency receive hate crime training materials from DOJ? 19.00% Yes
81.00% No
Do you believe that your agency would benefit from receiving additional DOJ hate crime training materials? 83.30% Yes
16.70% No
Does your agency receive hate crime related outreach materials from DOJ? 8.60% Yes
91.40% No
Would your agency find it beneficial for DOJ to send notices to your agency about hate crimes? 90.20% Yes
9.80% No
Would your agency find it beneficial for DOJ to send public outreach materials to your agency related to categories of hate crimes occurring in your region? 98.10% Yes
1.90% No
1.90% No

Source: California State Auditor’s survey of law enforcement agencies.

* If an agency answered No to the previous question, they were not asked this question.

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