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Report Number: 2016-114

College Readiness of California's High School Students
The State Can Better Prepare Students for College by Adopting New Strategies and Increasing Oversight

Supplemental Data

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee (audit committee) directed the California State Auditor to conduct an audit of college preparatory coursework (a‑g courses) at a selection of high schools from three school districts. The audit committee also requested the following specific information related to student outcomes:

The interactive tables linked below are provided in addition to the data in the report and allow a user to obtain the above information for the Coachella Valley, San Francisco, and Stockton Unified School Districts for graduation years 2013 through 2015.

Note: The minimum college preparatory coursework necessary for admission to California‚Äôs public universities is two years of history (category A), four years of English (category B), three years of mathematics (category C), two years of laboratory science (category D), two years of foreign language (category E), one year of visual and performing arts (category F), and one year of college preparatory electives (category G).

For an example of the college preparatory portion of a course schedule for a student who completes the minimum college preparatory requirements, see Figure 3 of the report.

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