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California State Auditor Report Number : 2015-803

City of Maywood
Its Flawed Governance and Financial Mismanagement Could Compromise the Basic Services It Provides to Residents

Response to the Audit

City of Maywood

September 15, 2016

Office of the California State Auditor
621 Capitol Mall, Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear California State Auditor:

The City of Maywood appreciates the efforts of the Office of the California State Auditor to provide direction and guidance in moving the city toward a more efficient, effective and transparent government for the residents of the city. We believe effort to cooperate with the audit is a genuine attempt on the part of the mayor and the city council to bring about a state of improved performance, accountability, and transparency that its citizens deserve.

Having reviewed the initial draft of the audit recommendations there are some excellent findings that have already been implemented or are in the process of being implemented. Some will require more time. It was also apparent that a vast number of items that have caused the city to be placed in a “high risk” category predate my tenure as interim city administrator and the newly elected members of the city council and are a direct result of the actions or inactions of the previous city administrator and city council. Let me assure you that I and the current city council members are committed to bringing about good governance and agreeing on a corrective action plan that gets the city back on track.


Finally, in the spirit of cooperation, we would like to provide a more comprehensive response to the audit but due to limited resources, are not in a position to respond within the five day time allotted for a formal response. Any detailed response or corrective action plan provided within the short time frame would be counterproductive and a disservice to our joint effort to improve the governance in the City of Maywood.

Therefore the City’s detailed response and corrective action plan is forthcoming.


Reuben Martinez
Interim City Administrator



To provide clarity and perspective, we are commenting on the city of Irvine’s response to our audit. The numbers below correspond to the numbers we placed in the margin of Irvine’s response.


State regulations for the high‑risk local government agency audit program allow Maywood five business days to respond in writing after receiving the draft of the report and have its response included as part of the public version of the report. Additionally, regulations require Maywood to prepare a corrective action plan. However, if Maywood is not able to provide its corrective action plan by the time of the report’s public release, regulations allow Maywood up to 60 days after the publication of the report to provide its corrective action plan.

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