Report 94106 Summary - October 1995

Department of Fish and Game: Administrative Processes Need Improvement


The department:

Results in Brief

The Department of Fish and Game (department) is responsible for maintaining native fish, wildlife, plant species, and natural areas. This includes habitat protection to ensure the survival of all species and natural areas. The department is also responsible for the diversified use of fish and wildlife, including recreational, commercial, scientific, and educational. Our review focused on whether the department manages its administrative costs in a reasonable manner, as well as the department's management of those funds that are restricted for specific purposes. We also determined what steps the department has taken to address the purchasing and contracting weaknesses that its auditors have identified at regional offices and at headquarters. Further, we developed a ten-year trend showing how the department has distributed its staff between headquarters activities and field activities. Finally, we reviewed a sample of department expenditures related to the cleanup and ongoing assessment of the 1991 chemical spill near Dunsmuir, California, and policies and procedures for responding to similar spills. Specifically, we noted the following concerns:


The department needs to improve its administrative processes. Specifically, it should:

Agency Comments

The department generally agreed with our conclusions and recommendations. However, it took exception to the approach we used to conduct a 10year study of the ratio of headquarters to field positions.