Report 2011-406 Summary - March 2011

Implementation of State Auditor's Recommendations: Audits Released in January 2009 Through December 2010


Early each year, the Bureau of State Audits (bureau) summarizes the major findings and recommendations from audit reports issued during the previous two years. In addition, the bureau identifies what actions auditees have taken to implement the recommendations. The bureau makes available these summary reports to members of the Legislature for their use in the Assembly and Senate budget subcommittees and standing (i.e. policy) committees.

The information shown in these reports is currently available in the following three classifications:

  1. By Auditee
  2. By Standing/Policy Committee
  3. By Budget Subcommittee

View the complete Special Report to Assembly and Senate Standing/Policy Committees or view individual sections of the report by using the following links:

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Transmittal Letter
Introduction and Summary Table
Audit Report Summaries by Policy Area

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