2016-041 - Status of Recommendations - Table 5

Table 5
Recommendations Made to Nonstate Entities That Are More Than One Year Old and Were Fully Implemented or Resolved Since Last Year's Report or the Entities' One-Year Responses
(Reports Issued From January 2011 Through October 2015)
Report Title, Number, and Issue Date Recommendation Status # Years
City of Vernon
City of Vernon: Although Reform Is Ongoing, Past Poor Decision Making Threatens Its Financial Stability 2011-131 (Issue Date: 06/28/2012) *

4. To increase accountability and transparency in its governance, the city should develop a formal policy that describes the circumstances under which revenues can be transferred from its power department, and the limits and permissible uses of transferred revenue.

Fully Implemented 4

9. To ensure that it develops complete and appropriate personnel policies and procedures, the new human resources director should ensure that the city's policies and procedures include, at a minimum, an improved methodology for and analysis of future salary surveys, ensuring that they are performed by staff or a consultant with experience and expertise in the area of salary surveys.

Fully Implemented 4

16. To better control contract expenditures and ensure that it receives the best value for the services it purchases, the city should require that all contracts contain a well-defined scope of work and deliverables that a sufficiently detailed invoice can be measured against.

Fully Implemented 4

20. To the extent that the city implements policies that affect contracts, the city should also ensure that it reviews all current contracts and amends them, if necessary, to comply with newly established policies.

Fully Implemented 4

27. To address the structural deficit in its general fund, the city should seek long-term solutions to balance the general fund's expenditures and revenues and lessen its reliance on transfers from other city funds. These solutions could include revenue increases, such as the proposed increased and new parcel tax, as well as looking for ways to reduce expenditures.

Fully Implemented 4

34. To ensure that it can demonstrate sufficient analysis and provide justification for its decisions on significant energy-related transactions, the city should develop an integrated energy strategy that examines all elements of its energy needs, sources, and objectives.

Fully Implemented 4

35. To ensure that it can demonstrate sufficient analysis and provide justification for its decisions on significant energy-related transactions, the city should create a formal process and guidelines that include the following: identifying the benefits and risks of proposed transactions, quantifying the benefits and risks of proposed transactions, evaluating and comparing proposed transactions against alternative proposals, quantifying the impact of proposed transactions on short-term and long-term rates paid by the city's energy customers, seeking an independent validation of the fair market value of proposed transactions, and documenting and communicating the findings of the evaluation process to the city council.

Fully Implemented 4

38. To ensure that any future decisions to enter into interest rate swaps are carefully considered, the city should develop and follow a process that thoroughly analyzes the risks and benefits of the potential swap transaction.

Fully Implemented 4

39. To ensure that any future decisions to enter into interest rate swaps are carefully considered, the city should specifically disallow the use of derivatives for speculative purposes and should require the retention of the documents and analyses that support the decision to enter into the swap.

Fully Implemented 4
County of Butte
Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund: Counties' Benefit Committees Did Not Always Comply With State Laws for Distribution Fund Grants 2013-036 (Issue Date: 03/06/2014) *

19. To ensure that the benefit committee members and other designated individuals comply with reform act requirements for filing statements of economic interests, after Butte County's benefit committee has appointed a filing officer, the filing officer should attend FPPC training and notify designated individuals of their responsibility to submit statements of economic interests and follow up with those who fail to file.

Fully Implemented 2
County of Riverside
Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund: Local Governments Continue to Have Difficulty Justifying Distribution Fund Grants 2010-036 (Issue Date: 02/15/2011) *

3. To help ensure that they meet the grant requirements established in the Government Code, counties should require that the county auditor review each grant application to ensure a rigorous analysis of a casino's impact and of the proportion of funding for the project provided by the grant. Benefit committees should consider a grant application only when the county auditor certifies that the applicant has quantified the impact of the casino and verifies that the grant funds requested will be proportional to the casino's impact.

Resolved 5
Los Angeles Emergency Medical Services Agency
Los Angeles County: Lacking a Comprehensive Assessment of Its Trauma System, It Cannot Demonstrate That It Has Used Measure B Funds to Address the Most Pressing Trauma Needs 2013-116 (Issue Date: 02/20/2014) *

9. To determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the helicopter services it provides to residents of underserved areas who suffer a trauma injury, EMS should collect, assess, and report accurate and complete data on the number of cancelled flights in each of these underserved areas, including the method of transportation used instead of helicopters and the transport times and trauma patient outcomes.

Fully Implemented 2
Quartz Hill Water District
Antelope Valley Water Rates: Various Factors Contribute to Differences Among Water Utilities 2013-126 (Issue Date: 07/08/2014) *

1. To ensure that water customers are able to have an understanding of how rate increases are determined, Quartz Hill Water District should include information in its public notices providing reasonably sufficient details of the basis of its fee methodology.

Fully Implemented 2

6. To ensure that its water customers have access to Quartz Hill Water District's rate methodology and other factors that help it determine rate increases, the utility should keep all documentation it uses to calculate or otherwise explain the need for rate increases for as long as the rate increases are in effect.

Fully Implemented 2
Sacramento City Unified School District
School Safety and Nondiscrimination Laws: Most Local Educational Agencies Do Not Evaluate the Effectiveness of Their Programs, and the State Should Exercise Stronger Leadership 2012-108 (Issue Date: 08/20/2013) *

10. To ensure that it is effectively preventing and addressing incidents of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying in its schools, Sacramento City Unified should measure the effectiveness of its school safety programs at both the district and school site levels.

Fully Implemented 3
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System
Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System: Increased Transparency and Stronger Controls Are Necessary as It Focuses on Improving Its Financial Situation 2011-113 (Issue Date: 03/08/2012)

5. To help reduce its operating costs and improve its overall financial situation, the Health Care System should continue to try to modify its employee benefits, such as paid time off, so they are aligned with industry practice.

Fully Implemented 4

* Other recommendations pertaining to this audit, which have not been fully implemented, can be found in Table 4.

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