Report 2011-121 Recommendations and Responses in 2014-041

Report 2011-121: Probationers' Domestic Violence Payments: Improved Processes for Managing and Distributing These Payments Could Increase Support for Local Shelters

Department Number of Years Reported As Not Fully Implemented Total Recommendations to Department Not Implemented After One Year Not Implemented as of 2013-041 Response Not Implemented as of Most Recent Response
San Diego County 2 4 1 1 0

Recommendation To: San Diego, County of

Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Diego Court, and Santa Clara County should improve protocols for reviewing statutes that affect collection and distribution practices so that future changes can be acted upon.


The Office of Revenue and Recovery has redirected existing staff members to form a Compliance Unit within the ORR Fiscal Division. The Compliance Unit is responsible for: researching, identifying, and documenting existing legislation which govern/impact ORR's operations; identifying and monitoring legislative changes that impact ORR's collection and distribution practices; ensuring ongoing quality assurance relative to compliance; development and maintenance of business processes; and ongoing training and monitoring of staff in order to ensure ORR's full compliance with all applicable legislation.

To date the Compliance Unit has partnered with key agencies for information and training, documented statutes affecting collection and distribution practices, documented all legislation affecting the Fine Calculator and Distribution Tables; developed a legislation review and analysis process, documented key business processes including Fine Calculator and Distribution Table Revisions and Account Openings/Adult Court Orders, and identified Subject Matter Experts from all ORR Divisions to form a Compliance Committee to:

1. Encourage cross-functional threading

2. Improve communication among ORR divisions/units relative to compliance

3. Conduct compliance-related trainings

Contact Information for Implementation: Brenda Jaeger-Das, Senior Auditor and Controller Manager, Office of Revenue and Recovery. Phone number is (858) 637-5828 and email is

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