Report I2020-2 Recommendation 17 Responses

Report I2020-2: Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees: Wasteful and Improper Personnel Decisions, Improper Contracting, Conflict of Interest, Misuse of State Resources, and Dishonesty (Release Date: October 2020)

Case Number I2018-1988

Recommendation #17 To: Forestry and Fire Protection, Department of

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) should consider placing a notice of the investigation in each of the chiefs' personnel file, as all three chiefs are no longer employed by CAL FIRE.

Agency Response From February 2021

CAL FIRE provided us with confirmation that it placed documentation in each chief's official personnel file.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Fully Implemented

Agency Response From November 2020

CAL FIRE reported that it placed documentation in each former chief's official personnel file stating that each chief failed to follow appropriate contracting procedures and that each was a subject in this investigation. We subsequently asked CAL FIRE to provide us with copies of these documents so we can verify that this recommendation has been fully implemented.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Partially Implemented

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