Report I2020-2 Recommendation 13 Responses

Report I2020-2: Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees: Wasteful and Improper Personnel Decisions, Improper Contracting, Conflict of Interest, Misuse of State Resources, and Dishonesty (Release Date: October 2020)

Case Number I2019-0044

Recommendation #13 To: Industrial Relations, Department of

Industrial Relations should work with the executive official's current employer to take appropriate steps to ensure she is prevented from taking similar actions. In addition, Industrial Relations should work with her current employer to ensure she undergoes California Department of Human Resources or State Personnel Board training on the requirements for making good-faith appointments.

Agency Response From December 2020

Industrial Relations provided us with documentation confirming that the former executive official completed the training.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Fully Implemented

Agency Response From October 2020

Industrial Relations reported that it conferred with the former executive official's current employer, which informed Industrial Relations that the official had completed relevant training to prevent any reoccurrence of similar actions.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Partially Implemented

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