Report I2020-1 Recommendation 52 Responses

Report I2020-1: Investigation of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees: Waste of State Funds, Misuse of Bereavement Leave, Misuse of State Resources, Dishonesty, and Supervisory Neglect of Duty (Release Date: April 2020)

Case Number I2018-1932

Recommendation #52 To: Social Services, Department of

Social Services should ensure that procedures are in place to monitor employees' use of bereavement leave so that all such claims comply with state law or union bargaining agreements.

Agency Response From May 2020

Social Services provided evidence that it audited bereavement leave use for a sample of employees in January, February, and March 2020.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Fully Implemented

Agency Response From January 2020

Social Services reported it has established procedures to ensure that bereavement leave complies with state law or union agreements. Specifically, it stated that a personnel specialist will audit bereavement leave on employees' timesheets and will refer to an internal bereavement leave reference guide to ensure that the leave used is allowed in the relevant bargaining agreement. Finally, Social Services stated that it will audit bereavement leave from February through April 2020 and provide training in March and September 2020.

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Partially Implemented

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