Report 2017-119 Recommendation 32 Responses

Report 2017-119: California State University: It Has Not Provided Adequate Oversight of the Safety of Employees and Students Who Work With Hazardous Materials (Release Date: April 2018)

Recommendation #32 To: Channel Islands, California State University

To ensure the health and safety of employees working with hazardous materials, Channel Islands should, by June 2018, review the training records of all employees who are required to take trainings related to laboratory safety, hazardous waste, hazard communication, or bloodborne pathogens and identify those who have not taken these trainings.

60-Day Agency Response

Channel Islands, utilizing State regulations, has identified the trainings required for each job classification and developed a Training Recommendation Plan which identifies those employees in positions that are required to take training related to laboratory safety, hazardous waste, hazard communication, and bloodborne pathogens. It is our intent to make available and require training regardless of when their most recent training occurred. We have provided for your review, our current lists of those who fall within the identified classifications.

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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