Report 2016-036 Recommendation 3 Responses

Report 2016-036: Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund: The Method Used to Mitigate Casino Impacts Has Changed, and Two Counties' Benefit Committees Did Not Ensure Compliance With State Law When Awarding Grants (Release Date: March 2017)

Recommendation #3 To: Fresno, County of

Fresno County's benefit committee should develop procedures to ensure it complies with the reform act by collecting all required statements of economic interest in a timely manner, and that it complies with its record retention policy by maintaining those statements for the required period of time.

60-Day Agency Response

Although confirmation was sent in the February 15, 2017 response letter regarding the recommendation's implementation, as the Filing Officer had purchased SouthTech's DisclosureDocs and eDisclosure systems. The system used to manage and maintain Statements of Economic Interests Form (Form 700) information, which is used by both the County of Fresno and the Fair Political Practices Commission. The Filing Official is aware of their responsibilities per Government Code. The annual forms for 2016 were collected timely; the members were contacted at various intervals via emails to the member's personal email address through the system referenced above and County Administrative Office staff placed a follow up phone call.

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

As we stated in our report in response to Fresno County's February 2017 letter indicating it had purchased an electronic system to manage and maintain its statements of economic interests, Fresno County had not indicated whether it planned to develop procedures for staff to follow in using this new system that would ensure it collects all required statements in a timely manner. We also stated that developing procedures for collecting and maintaining the forms as well as following up with individuals who do not file on time will help the county ensure compliance with requirements. Subsequently, in June 2017, Fresno County provided a copy of procedures related to collecting statements of economic interests in a timely manner, and for maintaining those records for the appropriate amount of time. If followed, these procedures should ensure Fresno County complies with the reform act requiring collection of required statements of economic interests in a timely manner, and with its record retention policy requiring it to maintain those statements for the required period of time.

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