Report 2013-120 Recommendation 3 Responses

Report 2013-120: Sterilization of Female Inmates: Some Inmates Were Sterilized Unlawfully, and Safeguards Designed to Limit Occurrences of the Procedure Failed (Release Date: June 2014)

Recommendation #3 To: Correctional Health Care Services, California

To ensure that it can better monitor how its medical staff and contractors adhere to the informed consent requirements of Title 22, sections 70707.1 through 70707.7, the Receiver's Office should develop a plan by August 2014 to implement a process by December 2014 that would include developing checklists or other tools that prison medical staff can use to ensure that medical procedures are not scheduled until after the applicable waiting periods for sterilization have been satisfied.

6-Month Agency Response

The Medical Services, Utilization Management Program (UM) developed a checklist and training tool as well as issued a memorandum to all medical staff dated September 12, 2014, to ensure medical sterilization procedures are scheduled at least 30 days after and no more than 180 days of consent. Additionally, the UM conducted webinar training for all schedulers on September 8th and 15th titled "Sterilization of Female Inmates" and covered Gynecological Procedure Checklist/Sterilization Procedures. (See Attachments #2, #3 and #4)

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: Fully Implemented

60-Day Agency Response

Proposed Action Plan:

Develop checklist/procedures and training for the institution schedulers.


The Gynecological Procedure Checklist/Sterilization Procedures are being developed and will be disseminated to the institution schedulers. The schedulers will complete the checklist before scheduling sterilization procedures. Training will begin October 2014.

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Partially Implemented

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