Report 2009-109 Recommendation 53 Responses

Report 2009-109: Sacramento and Marin Superior Courts: Both Courts Need to Ensure That Family Court Appointees Have Necessary Qualifications, Improve Administrative Policies and Procedures, and Comply With Laws and Rules (Release Date: January 2011)

Recommendation #53 To: Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento

To make its conflict-of-interest process more effective, the Sacramento FCS should update its conflict-of-interest policy to match its practice of identifying cases that could present a real or perceived conflict of interest, including cases involving court employees, and to include its current practice of documenting potential conflicts of interest in the FCS files.

1-Year Agency Response

The Sacramento Family Court updated its policy to document its current practice of identifying cases that could present an actual or perceived conflict of interest. The court also stated it implemented a process to maintain records pertaining to conflicts of interest in the FCS case files. (See 2013-406, p. 163)

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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