Report 2008-501 Recommendations

When an audit is completed and a report is issued, auditees must provide the State Auditor with information regarding their progress in implementing recommendations from our reports at three intervals from the release of the report: 60 days, six months, and one year. Additionally, Senate Bill 1452 (Chapter 452, Statutes of 2006), requires auditees who have not implemented recommendations after one year, to report to us and to the Legislature why they have not implemented them or to state when they intend to implement them. Below, is a listing of each recommendation the State Auditor made in the report referenced and a link to the most recent response from the auditee addressing their progress in implementing the recommendation and the State Auditor's assessment of auditee's response based on our review of the supporting documentation.

Recommendations in Report 2008-501: California Prison Health Care Services: It Lacks Accurate Data and Does Not Always Comply With State and Court-Ordered Requirements When Acquiring Information Technology Goods and Services (Release Date: January 2009)

Recommendations to Correctional Health Care Services, California
Number Recommendation Status

To ensure that it has complete and accurate information related to its contracts, Prison Health Services should ascertain that the internal controls over the data entered into the new enterprise-wide business information system work as intended. For contract-related data that has already been migrated from old contract databases to the new system, it needs to ensure the accuracy of key fields such as the ones for contract amount, service type, and the data fields that identify contracts initiated by Prison Health Services by comparing the data stored in its new database to existing hard-copy files.

Fully Implemented

To make certain that its contracts for IT goods and services comply with state contracting requirements and applicable policies and procedures, Prison Health Services should ensure that all responsible staff are aware of and follow contract processing and documentation requirements, including evidencing the review and approval of contracts.

Fully Implemented

To ensure that it complies with the terms of the court-approved waiver of state contracting requirements, Prison Health Services should develop policies to support its use of alternative contracting methods. These policies should include a requirement that Prison Health Services develop clear and specific criteria and guidelines for determining when the waiver authority should be used and how the requirements of the waiver are to be met and documented. Further, Prison Health Services should clearly identify the value of all contracts it executes and ensure that all contracting documents are maintained in a central location.

Fully Implemented

To better support that it has reported all contracts and bidders to the court, Prison Health Services should develop a system of tracking all contracts executed under alternative contracting methods and retain all bids it receives for each contract. To better track its contracts, Prison Health Services should assign a sequential contract number or other unique identifier to each contract executed using alternative contracting methods.

Fully Implemented

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