Auditor General Reports Issued in 1977

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 4 Letter Report on California Housing Finance Agency
January 7 Letter Report on Certain Fiscal Operations of the Milpitas Unified School District
January 13 Letter Report on Administration of California Dry Bean Research and Marketing Program by the Department of Food and Agriculture
January 14 Opportunities to Improve Management of the State Bar of California
January 21 Financing and Evaluating Public Transit Systems in California
January 26 Costs and Revenues of the Medical Claims Processing Subcontract
February 7 Letter Report on the Claims Processing Procedure of the State Compensation Insurance Fund
February 24 Need for Reduction of Excess Acute Care Hospital Beds
March 3 A Study of the Administrative Feasibility of a Local Gasoline Tax
March 11 An Operational Audit of California Correctional Institutions
March 17 A Management Analysis of the Third Party Liability and Other Health Coverage Programs: The Medi-Cal Intermediary Operations and the State Department of Benefit Payments
March 18 Improvements Needed in the Probation Subsidy Program: California Youth Authority
March 18 Letter Report on Examination of Certain Fiscal Operations of the State Department of Education and the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges
March 18 Review of the California Pesticide Regulatory Program
March 21 Eligibility Abuses and Deficiencies in California Public Assistance Programs
March 24 Federal Work Incentive Program for California Welfare Recipients Has Had Limited Success
March 25 Questionable Contracting Practices for the 1976 Voters Pamphlet
March 31 Letter Report on Water, Garbage Collection, and Sewage Disposal Services to Residents of Mobile Home Parks in California
April 15 Review of the Disciplinary Functions of the Department of Insurance
April 28 The California Indemnification of Private Citizens Program
April 30 Financial Audit of the Governor's Office of the State of California Year Ended June 30, 1976
May 12 A Catalog of Sources and Uses of Federal and State Drug Abuse Funds in California
May 12 Inadequate Authority to Collect Amounts Due to the Medi-Cal Program Department of Benefit Payments
June 22 Letter Report on Costs to Operation Various Special Housing Units, Including Facilities for Condemned Inmates, at the California State Prison at San Quentin and the California Institute for Women at Frontera
July 12 Letter Report on Examination of the Business Enterprise (Unsighted Operators) Program
July 13 Letter Report on the Propriety of Creating and Funding the Direct Marketing Program as Administered by the Department of Food and Agriculture
July 14 Utilization Control Functions of the Medi-Cal Program (U.S. Title XIX)
July 27 Regional Transportation Planning Agencies' Management of the Transportation Development Act
August 2 Need for Improved Administration in the Bureau of Collection and Investigative Services: Department of Consumer Affairs
August 5 Report to Legislative Analyst Regarding Restoration of the State Capitol
August 9 Letter Report on a Research Project Related to Child-Rearing Practices and Academic Abilities
August 16 Efficiencies and Economies of the Administration of the Political Reform Act of 1974
August 17 Alternative Financing Methods of Liquefied Natural Gas Projects
August 19 Financial Audit of the Tidelands and Submerged Lands Held in Trust by the City of Long Beach for the State of California Year Ended June 30, 1976
August 23 Letter Report Reviewing Exempt Position Authorized for Chief Deputy Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation
September 7 Appendices to Report 292
September 9 Questionable Expenditures of Student Health Feeds: Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges
September 16 Letter Report on a Review of the Berkeley Unified School District
September 23 Fiscal Impact of California's Year-Round School Programs
September 30 Deficiencies in Monitoring and Enforcing Quality of Care to Nursing Home Patients: Department of Health
September 30 Deficiencies in Textbook Procurement Practices in California
September 30 The Patent and Royalty Program of the University of California
October 7 Letter Report on a Cost Analysis of Selected Housing Units in the California Department of Corrections
October 7 Operational Improvements for the Career Opportunities Development Program: State Personnel Board
October 31 An Operational Review of the Solano Institute for Medical and Pharmacological Research: Department of Corrections
November 4 Improvements Needed in the Management of Position Classification in State Service: State Personnel Board
November 7 Letter to Laidlaw Brothers Publishing Regarding Textbook Pricing
November 8 Letter Report on Examination of Cost Accounting and Billing System in the Office of State Printing
November 8 Letter Report on a Study of Interagency Audit Coordination Conducted by the Western Intergovernmental Audit Forum
November 8 Opportunities to Improve the Department of Health's Evaluation of Community Care Facilities
November 9 Financial Audit Report: Supreme Court of California Year Ended June 30, 1977
November 9 Financial Audit Reports: Courts of Appeal of the State of California Year Ended June 30, 1977
November 14 Letter Report on Management of the State Bar of California
November 21 Letter Report on State Printing and Reproduction Costs
December 6 An Updated Review of the In-Home Supportive Services Program: Department of Health
December 6 Availability of Transportation Development Act Funds
December 12 Deficiencies in Correctional Industry Product Cost Determinations
December 12 Letter Report on Department of Rehabilitation's Business Enterprise Program
December 15 Impact of Legislation Granting Retirement Credit for School Employees' Accumulated and Unused Sick Leave
December 16 The State Bar of California: A Management Review of the Registration, Examination and Discipline, Chapter 1483, Statutes of 1976
December 22 The Foundations' Expenditures Need Review and Control
December 27 Lack of a Planned, Integrated System of Services for the Elderly: Health and Welfare Agency
December 29 Letter Report on Activities of the California Housing Finance Agency
December 31 Annual Report to the California Legislature