Auditor General Reports Issued in 1976

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 14 Long-Term Care for the Aged (Part One): An Overview and Medi-Cal Reimbursements for Skilled Nursing Care: Department of Health
February 9 Veterans Home of California Post Fund Yountville, California as of June 30, 1975
February 12 A Review of the Practices of the Board of Medical Quality Assurance and the Services Provided to that Board by the Office of the Attorney General
February 13 A Management Review of the Supplemental Security Income: State Supplemental Payment Program
February 23 The Equity of the State's Subsidy of the County Food Stamp Administration Costs
March 11 A Review of the Real Estate Appraisal Procedures: Real Estate Services Division, Department of General Services
March 16 1975 Activities
April 12 Need for Improvement in the State's Small Business Procurement and Contract Program, Department of General Services
April 20 Report on a Review of the California Egg Program: A Marketing Order Established Under the California Marketing Act
May 18 An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Board of Pharmacy's Prescription Price Poster
May 25 Review of Personal Service Contracts Issued During Fiscal Year 1975-76 by the California Job Creation Program
June 1 Department of Veterans Affairs: An Analysis of the Cal-Vet Loan Program's Need to Maintain a Contingency Reserve
June 2 Report on the South Coast Air Basin Vehicle Emission Inspection Program, Bureau of Automotive Repair
June 2 Supplement to Report on the South Coast Air Basin Vehicle Emission Inspection Program, Bureau of Automotive Repair
June 16 Equity of Highway User Taxes
June 16 Report on Costs of Processing Traffic Citations at the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol
August 10 Review of the State Bar of California
September 22 The California Horse Racing Board: A Comprehensive Review of Its Operations
October 26 Need for Improved Administration of the CETA State Manpower Services Grant: Employment Development Department
October 28 Certain Fiscal Policies and Practices of the Department of Consumer Affairs Should Be Curtailed
November 5 An Updated Review of the Homemaker-Chore Services Program
November 5 Review of the Department of Parks and Recreation Administration of the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund
November 24 Administration of Federal Vocational Education Act Funds by the State of California
November 30 Inaccurate Methods of Establishing Staffing Needs in the Department of Motor Vehicles
December 3 Budgetary and Cash Management Operations of the Department of Transportation
December 31 1976 Annual Report