Auditor General Reports Issued in 1975

Auditor General Reports
Release Date Report Title
January 21 Department of Parks and Recreation: Equestrian Concession Agreement at Will Rogers State Historic Park and Asilomar Conference Grounds Concession Agreement
January 22 California State University and Colleges: Procurement of Student Identification Cards
January 22 Report on Activities of the Office of the Auditor General for the Two-Year Period Ending December 31, 1974
January 28 Report on Operations of the Franchise Tax Board
January 28 Report on the California Milk Marketing Program as Administered by the Department of Food and Agriculture
January 30 Review of Requested Rate Increases for Commuter Services, Which Could Increase Revenues by 111 Percent, Submitted by Southern Pacific Transportation Company to the Public Utilities Commission
February 11 A Management Review of the California Community Mental Health System
February 14 Fire and Hazard Insurance for Farms and Homes Purchased Under the Cal-Vet Program Administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs
February 17 Report on the Stephen P. Teal Consolidated Data Center
February 24 Operations of the Department of General Services Office of Procurement
March 3 Policies and Practices of the Employment Development Department for the Investment of the Cash Reserves of the State's Unemployment Compensation Disability Fund
March 11 Special Educational Program for Mentally Gifted Minors
March 12 An Administrative Review of the Organization and Staffing Policies of the Department of Health
March 12 Estimates of Costs and Revenues of the Responsible Relatives Program
March 12 Review of Child Care Services Administered by the Department of Education
March 14 Evaluation of General Proposals to Allow State and Local Investment Authorities in California to Increase Interest Income by Temporarily Lending Investment Securities through "Security Loans" and "Reverse Repurchase Agreements"
March 17 A Review of the Causes for the Failure of the Orange County Foundation Prepaid Health Plan Administered by the Department of Health
March 20 Evaluation of Computer Utilization at the University of California
April 1 Review of Operations of the San Francisco Port Commission
April 2 Financial Problems of Conejo Valley Unified School District
April 11 Financial Operations of California Horse Racing Association and Peninsula Horse Racing Association
April 16 An Analysis of Costs and Application of Standards to Residential Child Care Facilities
April 24 Review of the Administration by the Department of Health of Contracted Prepaid Health Plans with the Foundation Community Health Plan and the American Health Care Plan
May 1 A Management Review of the Homemaker-Chore Services Program
May 15 Audit of Campaign Statements of Candidates, Including the State Controller, for the Board of Equalization for the 1974 Elections
May 21 Veterans Home of California, Yountville: Report on Review of Operations
June 4 Review of the Department of Health Financial and Budgeting Records Pertaining to the Health Care Deposit Fund
June 9 Report on Provider Participation in the Medi-Cal Fee-For-Service Program
June 10 University of California, California State University, and Colleges: State-Owned Residences Provided to Administrative Officials
July 7 Review of the Marketing Order for Wine
August 4 Disciplining of Physicians by the Board of Medical Examiners
August 26 Potential for Self-Insurance of State's Motor Vehicle Liability
August 26 Public Utilities Commission: Adjustment of Electric Rates for Fuel Cost Changes
September 10 Interim Report to the Auditor General, State of California Concerning Medical Malpractice Insurance Study
October 1 Improvements Needed in Budgetary and Financial Controls and Operations of Fremont Unified School District
October 16 An Immediate Need for Enrichment in the Office of Aging
November 12 State Collection of Payroll Taxes and Related Administrative Practices of the Department of Benefit Payments (DBP)
December 16 The Bureau of Repair Services: A Need for Operational and Management Improvement
December 17 The Medical Malpractice Insurance Crisis in California
December 22 Enforcement of California Aeronautics Laws by the Division of Aeronautics, California Department of Transportation
December 22 Letter Report on Medi-Cal Provider Billing for Increasingly Complex and Costly Services
December 23 The State Board of Equalization: Ways to Accelerate Collection of Selected Business-Related Taxes