Report 2012-120 Data Reliability Assessments

Water Resources Control Board
Description of Data Agency Purpose of Data
California Integrated Water Quality System (water quality database)

The State Water Resources Control Board uses the water quality database for tracking activities of the certification program and other state water board programs.

Magnitude of Data

The water quality database contains information on more than 300 water quality certifications that were issued from June 2007 through July 2012.

Purpose of Testing Data Reliability Determination

To identify the number of water quality certifications, violations, enforcement actions, and penalty actions issued to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) for the period July 2007 through June 2012.

To identify violations and enforcement actions related to water quality certifications.

Not Sufficiently Reliable—We obtained the water quality database but did not analyze it because after interviewing staff at the state water board we learned that, due to a data entry backlog, the water quality database does not contain all water quality certifications and related documents.

Agency Response Date December 2013
Corrective Action Recommended Status of Corrective Action

Because the water quality database is the primary system for meeting statutory reporting obligations for the certification program, the state water board should resolve its data entry backlog and ensure that the regional water boards enter all relevant information into the system, including information about the applications received, the certifications issued, monitoring activities, water quality violations, and enforcement actions.

Fully Implemented—Staff completed entering all outstanding data into the CIWQS database on July 15, 2013. Direction was given to the Regional Boards at the 401 Program Coordinating Committee and the Management Coordinating Committee that staff should enter all water quality certification data into CIWIQS in a timely fashion.