Report 2021-802
October 13, 2022

Corrective Action Plan and Assessment—City of Compton

The city of Compton (Compton) submitted its corrective action plan in April 2023—and updated that plan in July 2023—in response to the October 2022 report that the California State Auditor issued as part of our high-risk local government agency audit program.City of Compton: Financial Mismanagement and a Lack of Leadership Have Threatened Compton's Ability to Serve the Public (2021-802). After reviewing Compton’s corrective action plan, we prepared the following assessment of the city’s action items. In this assessment, we have focused on the city’s responses to recommendations we designated in our report as Priority 1 recommendations. However, as we note below, Compton has also begun making efforts to address Priority 2 and 3 recommendations. Many of the efforts Compton discusses in its plan are ongoing, with several expected to be completed during fiscal year 2023-24. We will continue to review the city's progress that it will report in its subsequent updates.

Priority 1 Recommendations Status as of July 2023
Prioritize open and competitive hiring Partially Addressed
Formalize human resources department responsibilities Pending
Require annual report on status of human resources department Pending
Fully staff human resources department and city controller’s office Partially Addressed
Develop and implement fiscal sustainability plan Pending
Develop and implement capital improvement plan Pending