In-Home Respite Service Usage Rates Statewide

Fiscal Year Service Option Number of Consumers
2016-17 Agency/EOR* 77,415
2016-17 FMS 4,992
2017-18 Agency/EOR* 83,584
2017-18 FMS 5,607
2018-19 Agency/EOR* 91,370
2018-19 FMS 6,196
2019-20 Agency/EOR* 99,092
2019-20 FMS 6,606
2020-21 Agency/EOR* 105,349
2020-21 FMS 6,797

Source: Analysis of DDS' consumer demographic, diagnosis, authorization, and claims data as of December 6, 2021.

Notes: We classified a regional center as not offering FMS if less than 1 percent of its consumers had an authorization for FMS in fiscal year 2020-21. To maintain confidentiality of those minimal numbers, we redacted details of FMS use at these regional centers. For this same reason, we also redacted details of respite usage of 10 or fewer consumers.

We used the median value when comparing respite care usage, which represents the middle value of a category’s respite care usage. This measure indicates that half of the consumers in the category use less than the median amount of respite and half of the consumers use more than the median amount.

*DDS tracks the number of families that use the Agency option and the EOR option in aggregate, but does not identify totals for each option.