Incarcerated Individual Deaths Statewide by Race, Gender, and Manner of Death

Race Gender Manner of Death Number of Deaths
American Indian Female Accidental 1
American Indian Female Natural 1
American Indian Male Accidental 1
American Indian Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 1
American Indian Male Natural 5
American Indian Male Suicide 6
Asian Indian Male Natural 4
Asian Indian Male Pending Investigation 1
Asian Indian Male Suicide 5
Black Female Accidental 6
Black Female Cannot be Determined 1
Black Female Natural 33
Black Female Pending Investigation 1
Black Female Suicide 5
Black Male Accidental 38
Black Male Cannot be Determined 11
Black Male Homicide Justified (Law Enforcement Staff) 1
Black Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 14
Black Male Natural 215
Black Male Pending Investigation 23
Black Male Suicide 34
Cambodian Male Accidental 1
Chinese Female Suicide 1
Chinese Male Accidental 2
Chinese Male Natural 2
Chinese Male Suicide 3
Filipino Male Cannot be Determined 1
Filipino Male Natural 8
Filipino Male Pending Investigation 1
Filipino Male Suicide 2
Guamanian Male Natural 1
Hawaiian Male Cannot be Determined 1
Hawaiian Male Natural 1
Hispanic Female Accidental 9
Hispanic Female Cannot be Determined 1
Hispanic Female Natural 23
Hispanic Female Pending Investigation 6
Hispanic Female Suicide 11
Hispanic Male Accidental 83
Hispanic Male Cannot be Determined 10
Hispanic Male Homicide Justified (Law Enforcement Staff) 2
Hispanic Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 29
Hispanic Male Natural 239
Hispanic Male Pending Investigation 35
Hispanic Male Suicide 137
Japanese Male Natural 1
Korean Male Natural 3
Korean Male Suicide 1
Laotian Male Suicide 1
Other Female Suicide 2
Other Male Accidental 1
Other Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 1
Other Male Natural 21
Other Male Pending Investigation 4
Other Male Suicide 9
Other Asian Female Suicide 1
Other Asian Male Accidental 1
Other Asian Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 3
Other Asian Male Natural 4
Other Asian Male Pending Investigation 1
Other Asian Male Suicide 8
Pacific Islander Male Pending Investigation 1
Vietnamese Female Natural 1
Vietnamese Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 3
Vietnamese Male Natural 5
Vietnamese Male Other 1
Vietnamese Male Suicide 2
White Female Accidental 17
White Female Cannot be Determined 3
White Female Natural 49
White Female Pending Investigation 8
White Female Suicide 18
White Male Accidental 107
White Male Cannot be Determined 12
White Male Homicide Justified (Law Enforcement Staff) 6
White Male Homicide Willful (Law Enforcement Staff) 1
White Male Homicide Willful (Other Inmate) 23
White Male Natural 365
White Male Pending Investigation 27
White Male Suicide 220