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Reality Check for the High Speed Rail

  1. The Legislature requested and we performed an audit of the High Speed Rail Authority.
  2. We found the Authority's  flawed decision making  and poor contract management contributed to  billions in cost overruns  and delays.
  3. Multiple Legislators voiced their  concerns  about the  continued viability  of high-speed rail.
  4. The Governor  reduced the scope  of the project,  replaced the chairman,  and instituted new transparency measures.

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Improved Statewide Leadership for Homelessness

  1. The Legislature requested and we performed an audit of Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.
  2. We found the State's Homeless Council had  no statewide strategy, no staff, and no funding. 
  3.  The Legislature provided funding  so the Council could hire staff to support local agencies and award grants.
  4. The Council has  awarded $500 million in grants  to locals to expand programs that reduce homelessness.

See our report

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