Data Analysis

The Effort is Invisible.
The Result is Remarkable.

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Big government means big data. Our data analysts clean, slice, and visualize large data sets that pave the way for our auditors, the Legislature, and the public to identify and address problems.

Join our team and help drive public transparency.

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Know How an Issue Impacts Your Community.

Publishing the data we collect helps the public and their representatives understand what's happening where they live and how problems may be affecting them.

A GIF showing an example of how our interactive graphics work. This GIF specifically shows users information regarding preventive care utilization rates for children. It includes a map of California with each county shaded by utilization rate. The GIF shows that when a user changes the fiscal year, they can see changes to overall utilization rates as well as utilization rates by age, language, and ethnicity.

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What You Would Do as a Data Analyst...

bullseye with arrowDetermine How Data Can Help Audit Teams Solve Problems
pie chartWork With Agencies to Understand Large Data Sets
bar graphUse Data for First-of-Its-Kind Analysis
computer screen with bar and line graphDevelop Interactive Dashboards
two documents with pencilWrite Reports for the Legislature and Public